We are deeply inspired by the preservation and butchery techniques from regions such as the Northern and Southern part of Spain. We incorporate fresh, exotic, and tropical fruits and vegetables to many of our dishes. 

Our logo, which consists of a preserved lemon, shows our love for pickling; however, we place a large emphasis on making our fresh ingredients the main component of our menu. We observe the seasons and are inspired by the harvest; vegetables are placed on center stage.

We have also integrated aspects of traditional butchery with a modern approach: sustainable, whole animal practice that results in providing you with the very best meat. 


Our approach on handling food focuses on the root to leaf and nose to tail concepts. We believe in showing the utmost respect to our ingredients and preserving all parts of the product to ensure zero-waste and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our kitchen staff has the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity while preparing our signature menus: 'Farmers Market Feast' and 'Nose to Tail Feast'. Having fun in the kitchen is something we encourage; we enjoy making beautiful and delicious food and we hope that you enjoy eating it.