Rare & Unique Finds

As two Certified Sommeliers, we have been introduced to wines from all over the world. Part of continuing our education includes seeking out beverages from emerging regions such as Lebanon during our industry tastings. We embrace unique finds while showing respect to iconic producers and believe that we should offer our clients a diversified portfolio. 

Budget & Food Friendly 

Our focus has been to offer our clients a list of beverages from several different price points. Having such an extensive list of products showcases our expertise in the industry. It is equally important to have beverages that would complement our cuisine and we pride ourselves in having an arsenal of products that meet our food style.



Small & Local 

Sourcing our products from local producers is something we pride ourselves in doing. We love to celebrate our own region and showcase the beauty it has to offer while maintaining respect for iconic wineries, breweries, and cideries from all over the world.


We seek old and new world styles that combine "terroir" (sense of a place) with mastery of the craft.